Taiji Kids 太极 少年

邹子少年太极班,今天正式成立。Zouzi Taiji Kids is formed officially today.(5th Jan 2019).A group photo of kids with Zouzi and Instructors
taken after group practicing.
Jennifer Chow 
Zouzi Taiji
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Welcome to Taiji Kids

Taiji for kids is an educational activity for kids, parents and teachers to improve balance, concentration, flexibility, focus, attention and learning.


Taiji kid of 5 years Old

CHEN SHI TaiChi Quan 56 performed by a 4 years old girl ……a ” LIVE ” recording !
AMAZING ! a 4 years old girl doing the ChenShiQuan 56 with 2 other teenagers @

Taiji Kids Video

Turnen und Taiji im Kindergarten

Yang Style Taiji Kid

9岁儿童42式太极拳(黄炫瑾习练) – 专辑:儿童太极拳


太极小英雄 A little hero

Taiji Kids