Push Hands

Traditional Yang Style Taiji Push Hands

Traditional Taiji Pushing Hands is a form of exercise established on the basis of Taijiquan routine.

The two persons take part in one hand and twine with each other, obeying the ” four essential” of sticking, , adhering, connecting, following  and using the “eight methods” of roll-up, lead-on , displace, pressing, plucking, splitting, elbow, shoulder ,  without giving up nor resisting the coming force ,  no less than, relaxed on the stretching , with the principle of ease operation, with contact and intuition, etc.

Perceived the strength of each other’s , the speed of movement, with a reasonable method of attack and the yin and yang at the foot of the change, so that the other side of the center of gravity , The two work together to achieve the exchange and exchange of skills for the main purpose.



两人搭手相依 ,彼此互相缠绕,遵守沾,粘,连,连,随,’四要’,运用掤,捋,挤,按,採,挒,肘,靠太极拳武功八法,按照“不丢不顶,无过不及,随曲就伸”,运转自如的原则.


太极推手练习之四,邹子同学们在练习定步”8字”揉手术。Zouzi students practicing ‘figure 8’ for fix step push hands (lesson 4th)

太极推手练习之六邹子同学们在练习定步”双手开臂’揉手术。Zouzi students practicing ‘Fix step Open Arm” for lesson 5th of Yang Traditional Style push hands(14th September 2017) 21 1 2

太极推手练习,邹子同学们在练习定步推手”。Zouzi students practicing ‘Fix step push hands ” of Yang Traditional Style push hands( 2017)

太极推手练习之五,邹子同学们在练习定步”双手立圓”揉手术。Zouzi students practicing ‘Fix step vertical cercle double. hands lesson 5th Yang Traditional Style.

Zouzi Yang Style fix step push hands 6th continue exercise on 4th November 2017 邹子杨式定步推手之六(继续)练习。

Zouzi students practicing traditional push- hand as a regular exercise 邹子学生在练习常规传统太极拳推手运动。

Zouzi and student Chee Choy practicing Yang Traditional push hans of “Moving Step” 邹子师生在练习传统太极拳活部推手