Taiji Class

传统杨式太极拳 Yang Style Traditional Taijiquan

What is taiji ? Taiji is yin and yang. Taiji is a yin and yang change. Taiji dynamic changes to positive or static while the movement is on and it continue for exchange of Yin and Yang. A static and dynamic, each root

Taijiquan is a culture, martial arts, art, philosophy, medicine, aesthetics. Taiji is the experience of life, experience their own life movement. Taijiquan is the perfection of life’s morality.

Taiji is the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Taiji is the splendid treasure of Chinese culture.

何谓太极? 太极就是阴阳。太极拳是阴阳变化。太极图说云:无极而太极。太极动而生阳,动极而静;静而生阴,静极复动。一动一静,互为其根。



Taijiquan is most reliable exercise for health and longevity!


– To provide the finest quality instruction in Taijiquan and Chinese Wushu (Martial Arts), while adhering to the traditions, methods and integrity of its practice.

– To develop students to their maximum potential in body, mind and spirit- emphasizing both physical and mental conditioning that encourages personal growth and development for each individual student.

– To inspire all students to learn and practice self-discipline in everything they do and achieve excellence through persistence.

If you’re interested in Taijiquan, Kungfu  self- defense, spiritual development or just getting in the shape of your lifestyle, ZOUZITAIJI Academy is the place for you. We offer instruction in Taijiquan , Push Hands, Sword, Saber to you and Chinese martial arts to kids. We believe that a balance of attentive instruction and intensive training is the best way for students to achieve their personal goals in the taijiquan martial arts. Call now H/P 016 6142645or email: zouzitaiji@gmail.com or click “Contact Us” and leave your massages for more information!

Zouzi Taiji Students practicing Traditional Yang Style moving step push hands at the center on 14th Jan 2018
This morning practice Taijiquan, once again deepening with breathing, as the momentum of the breeze threw (Willow), silky soft in mind intention, on taiji cat-walk, feel extremely comfortable! 30th december 2017 今天早上练拳,再度深化一点, 配合呼吸,气势如微风扑柳,丝丝柔柔,用意不用力,行拳走架,舒适无比!30th December 2017.

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