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  本书192页,内容丰富,除了习练太极拳和推手之外,还介绍太极刀和太极剑的套路和使用法以及王宗岳拳论和杨澄甫太极拳十要等必要之拳理。本书乃根据本学院多年教学的经验而编著的一部教与学的模式和未来的参考资料,并且以中英双语来表达多元文化的需求,以便教学之方便,尤其对杨式太极拳的规范和学习程序会有莫大的帮 The contents of this 192 pages book is rich. In addition to practising Taiji and push hands, it also introduces the routines and usage methods of Taiji Knife and Taiji Sword, as well as the necessary Taiji Treatise of Wang Zongyue and the 10 Essentials of Yang ChengFu. This book is a teaching and learning model and future reference materials compiled according to the experience of many years teaching, and expresses the needs of multiculturalism in both Chinese and English, so as to facilitate the teaching, especially for Yang Style Taijiquan. Specifications and learning procedures can be of great help.

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