Taiji Kids 太极 少年

Welcome to Taiji Kids 欢迎来到少年太极班!

Taiji for kids is an educational activity for kids, parents and teachers to improve balance, concentration, flexibility, focus, attention and learning

Taiji training has great benefits for children’s intelligence, physique and development. And help to develop their positive, courageous, fulfilling, optimistic, healthy and up-to-life attitude and strong body. It not only strengthens the body, but also cultivates the temperament of kids through certain and standardized training, it gradually enhances the quality of body and mind, and develops a perfect balance, which will reach the quality of life internally and externally.



邹子少年太极班,今天正式成立。Zouzi Taiji Kids is formed officially today.(5th Jan 2019).A group photo of kids
taken during group practicing.
The teacher is instructing the young Taiji class about Push hands hoping that the children will grow up more steadily. More fulfilling children’s life fun!

If you’re interested in Taijiquan, Kungfu  self- defense, development for your kids, ZOUZITAIJI Academy is the place for you. We offer instruction in Taijiquan , Push Hands, Sword, Saber to you. We believe that a balance of attentive instruction and intensive training is the best way to achieve their personal goals in the taijiquan martial arts. Call now H/P016 6142645 or email: zouzitaiji@gmail.com or click “Contact Us” and leave your massages for more information!

如果您對太極拳,功夫等自衛术的发展,让孩子們感興趣的话,邹子杨式太极拳学院就很適合您。我們将為您提供太極拳,劍,刀以及推手的指導。我們認為,在太極拳武術中,專心致志和強化訓練之間的平衡是可以實現其個人目標乃最佳途徑。请立即致電 H/P:016 6142645}或email: zouzitaiji@gmail.com 或按 “Contact Us” 留下您的信息以便獲取更多资料!

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