Sword & Saber 太极刀剑

杨式太极剑和太极刀 Traditional Yang Style Sword & Sabre

太极剑和太极刀都是太极拳类型之短器械, 其演练方法与风格和太极拳基本相同。不过,剑势温柔而刀则比较阳刚。其演练之速度都要比太极拳略快些。其动作要求具要轻灵,沉着,圆转自如和敏捷度要高。

学太极剑和刀之前, 最好先有太 极拳的基础,会比较容易学好,因为手持器械,须注意身体和器械之协调和配合,要求刀术之姿态能显得潇洒利落,神气威武壮观。其实,剑与刀之演练,同样在精神方面和形体动作上之完整统一尤为重要的。

剑与刀都各有其独特之使用法,如太极剑有劈,崩,点,刺,抽,带,提,撩,搅,压,击,截, 抹共十三字诀。演练太极剑,要发挥以腰带动之作用,腰带背,背带臂,臂带剑动,剑随臂动,手随眼到,步法稳健,跳跃轻灵,发劲柔韧,速度均匀,体态怡然自得,呼吸要自然。


Taiji sword and Taiji  sabre both are  type of Taiji short instruments, the exercise method and style and Taijiquan is basically the same. However, the sword gentle and sabre is more masculine. The speed of their exercises should be slightly faster than taijiquan. Its action requirements should be brisk, calm, round and smoothly and agility is higher.

Before learning both of this equipment, it is best to have the foundation of Taijiquan first,  will be easier to learn, because of the hand-held equipment, should pay more attention to the coordination between the body and equipment  in order to achieve the complete unity of spirit and body movements of this exercise , magnificent and mighty. In fact, the sword and saber both having  the same spirit and physical action on the complete unity is particularly important.

Swords and saber both have their own unique use of law, such as  the use of the sword consist of 13  tactics like split, point, puncture,   stir, pressure, hit, cut etc. As to Taiji sword, to focal the role of the wrest  will lead the movements  of  the sword with arm move, hand with the eyes follows, steady pace, jumping brisk, flexibilities, Self-satisfied and breathing naturally.   

The Taiji saber have the use of such as  cut, chop, chop, cut, tease, tie, stab, wrapped, fan, block, slip, draw and scratch. However, the drill blade method will simultaneously drive a variety of blade method, quite difficult to distinguish, which is some of the differences with the fencing.

Zouzi Group Performance for Yang Family Swoar 67 Movement on 5th October 2019 at Sunway Convention Centre
Yang Style Taiji saber 13This event was held by “Life to Years: Longevity, Health and Wellness” Conference organizer by Third Age Media. on the 5th October 2019 at Sunway med convention centre.
Zouzi Taiji Yang Style Academy had a group performance for Yang style Taiji saber by Mr Chow Chee Choy, Denies Wong, Shirley Lim and Mr.Lim Hur Liang. Over 200 people were present feeling great and enjoyable!.

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